A women in India

“With all the women’s stories that I’d had a chance to hear; being a volunteer, I ask myself questions about my position as a woman, my role. Here I am a tourist, a white woman. We are very lucky to have the chance to choose what we want to be, whom we want to marry, if to marry at all, and where to live. It’s priceless to be able to make all these choices. For example, we have our right to go to the slums, while Indian women can’t leave the colony, some of them are raped, beaten, etc. There is a clear difference: if something bad happens to us, we are able to go to the police, but they can’t do the same, the police would laugh in their faces, because the men in this country are in power.

I work with young girls in France, they already have a particular position in the suburbs, but here women hardly have anything. But OK, I think we should just let it be, not compare. At the moment, we shouldn’t think about it, as thinking about it can make us sick. What is important here is to adapt to this country, adjust to the dress-code, to the lifestyle. The ways of doing it are: speak a little bit of Hindu, pay attention to traditions such as taking off shoes, hold your head low when you see elderly people. Then, the attitude is different, and they pay attention to you in return.”