Just … go

“The only advice I can give is ‘try and do something’. Really, there are certain times when you are thinking about something a lot, and sometimes you have to stop thinking, because sometimes it doesn’t lead to making a decision. So, you have to take risks. I think one of the most important moments of my life was when I made a decision to move to India. In fact, it kept running through my head for years, but between the time I made the decision, and the time when it was done, it was done in 15 days. It happened almost naturally, as my father was Indian, and I have always wanted to spend more time here.

I was born in France, I grew up in France, but I did not want to work for someone, I didn’t want to agree to such a job. So, I started in the textile area, and a little bit in tourism. What I find amazing here in New Delhi is to see how everyone gets to sort this out, and I find it crazy. I love this city, I move a lot, but I do not really like living here; it is so polluted, and it’s not easy every day, it’s a little fight. It’s super noisy, but on the whole, it’s a kind of organized mess, and there is a certain harmony in it. At the same time I need to be in large cities, I need to meet people, and do different things.

From the moment I settled down in India with my business, I was doing the same thing as in Paris. It’s just that; now, I am here. I feel we can do a lot more things by being here, despite the fact that I already had a partner and an employee here before. But by being here, being able to communicate every day, to be with them in the same office, it creates  the impression that things are moving much faster. And there is this cool side: customers regularly come to to their collections for set spaces, samples, and I find it really nice to be with them, to be able to show them how we work, and how we live. They come with us to the factories, see how the products are made, and they can themselves choose their fabrics, accessories, etc. I’m really happy with how things are going now.”