I need challenges

“What inspires me the most; it is to face challenges. I don’t like it when it’s monotonous, I need challenges or I feel life is dull. For 30 years I’ve been doing a research concecrated to immunity system. If I have an idea, I immediately share it with my colleagues: if you feel that this idea makes sense, you have to evaluate, test it, and if it works – great! It happened several times with me, and those moments were unforgettable.

This is how it works in a research process: you put a question, and in order to answer it, you have to set a series of experiments. If it works out, there are some new questions, it’s important that it never stops, it’s not a static state. For example, once I was in the kitchen, not far from my laboratory, and a young student came and asked me a technical question, ‘Do you know Abzymes?’ I didn’t answer, I went to my lab to search for a publication I made on this subject. You know the publications? We are evaluated, measured by what we publish, it’s the only way to get ackowledged. Briefly, I didn’t reply and I said to him, ‘You ask me what Abzyme is? Read this.’ I was happy to show him what I had published about this topic, that I had made observations in my lab, related to this phenomenon called Abzyme, as we were working with the illness called hemophilia, especially with properties of antibodies.

In the meantime, while I went to find the paper in my drawer, back to the kitchen, during these minutes… Boom! The thoughts exploded in my head, and I said to myself, ‘Yes! It’s exactly what should have been done – Abzymes!’ So he asked me a question, because he had heard the word during the class, but it’s exactly what he had to explore. Whithin several minutes the whole experiment was planned, it was carried out successfully, and it was amazing. Those days I was a little upset because the study wasnt’t moving forward, it was stuck, and suddenly everything had changed. In my opinion, it is one of the best publications of our laboratory.”