I help people to build themselves

“Back in 2012, I had a kind of personal crisis. I suddenly realized that I could not work on anything if I didn’t see meaning in it. This feature made career search painful at that moment. Fortunately, this internal pressure put me in a state of search not a frustration. I spent couple of months figuring out the answers to three major questions; What was I good at? What I liked doing? What was the value I wanted to create for the world?

After some struggles, I came up with an idea for my ‘mission’. I put it this way: converging energy of people and organizations to make the world more advanced. This statement became my decision filter, and it helped me a lot in my job search. I didn’t stop there. Exploring the ‘mission’ further, I understood that I wanted to start my own project in education. So I did it.

For the last two years, I’m CEO of Brainify, a service that helps people find their passion, and build needed knowledge and skills. In fact, we help people in a situation that I experienced during my crisis. This makes me feel useful and extremely happy. I love what I do. By the way the ‘mission’ is not static, I repeatedly make some updates to it. The current version goes like this: bringing people together to build smarter and happier world. The ambition is to influence positively the life of 1 billion people. I’m super excited!”