Youth organisations: AIESEC

“AIESEC was my university, better than the real one. It was learning by doing, you’re coming to build a project when you have no idea what exactly the project management is about, and you just start doing something. The beautiful thing in AIESEC and generally in youth organizations, is that you are never judged for your mistakes, you are never judged for your fails, because this is something we are learning from, so you could easily come to your team leader and say, ‘I just failed.’ It was okay, because they would just help you understand what were wrong, and help you to be better. If you’re not trying to develop your skills and become a better person, the teamwork is going to fail, because everyone needs to put some efforts into the performance of the whole team, and it’s all about understanding each other.”

In addition, this organization is international, so you need to be tolerant, because every person is so different and there are so many factors, which make a person who he is. So you could never fully  understand them, the only thing we should put in the relation is compassion, we should accept the person as he is, without criticizing, even if it’s actually very hard, because we are always criticize , maybe not aloud. We tend to pass the judgment when we see a person, evaluate how he looks like, how he behaves, if he smiles or not .Even if these are simple things, we are  used to behave  this way and we assume that everyone would behave the same way … but no ! I was learning a lot from different countries, from different nationalities. I will give you an example.  Maybe you can see that Russians are not that opened, they seem very cold, at the beginning for sure … But when I came to Brazil ,I was just shocked: all the people were smiling, they seemed happy, they were not struggling, they deal with  any problem or whatever happens like « OK,  let’s just drink one more beer and after all  it will be fine! » And I said to myself « Ok, it’s not going to  work in Russia » .  In India people treat  guests as gods and they really appreciate the present moment, right here right now. I saw all of these people, most of them really poor,   just sitting, selling fruits all their  life. And they just smile, they don’t really need any materialistic things maybe and they don’t even think about that side of life.  On the other hand, for us,  well being is related to materialistic things, in Europe at least. In Lebanon I really admired the level of tolerance they have there. It’s  Middle East, so my family was very concerned about my safety. They told me: « You need to take care of yourself, you’re a girl going there alone,and there are Middle East conflicts etc ».  Beirut  is such a beautiful city, a mix of nationalities, and I  literally saw that several women, full covered with traditional muslim dresses, passing by. The very same moment I saw several girls with short skirts, t-shirts –  and they were Lebanese as well. So we have to understand there are different cultures, and they all have their rights. I thought then  « Ok, if they are not judging each other, why should I? » Every moment is about learning something!«