7000 rubles

“All my life I worked as a waitress. For 40 years at the same place, and earned pension 7000 rubles. Now they (the state) added, OK. Back then, I just did not work in one place (in the meaning – she worked everywhere), I am a Labor veteran. Now, for the labor veteran, the state pays 700 rubles surcharge, what a shame!

I live in the communal kitchen for 40 years. I filed complaint when my husband died, but they lost it. I was killed by grief, my husband died. I worked and worked and that’s all. So I thought, it’s ok about the loss of the document. I’m living in the communal kitchen where we have 4 hostess, and 4 tables. I thought to change two rooms to one, they said, ‘We come to you, grandmother,’ but no one came. Then, one drunkard, that live at us, now she is dead, Kingdom of Haven to her, made a fire, then flooded my apartment, no one cared. I live on the second floor, and when the pipes of my neighbour on the third floor ran down, all the water flowed to me. All my wall was wet, I somehow coped, and nobody helped.

No help! Such disgrace – worked 40 years at one place and 700 rubles surcharge for the Labor veteran! How the state is not ashamed! 700 rubles! Shame! At least a thousand rubles! What can I say, I’m afraid to be photographed, but I told you what I know.”