I’m not afraid

“Seven years ago, a friend told me that she wanted to be able to create bouquets, and finally that became my dream too. I did it two years ago; I created a master-class for girls, and showed them how we can create bouquets. I try to inspire other people. I don’t know why, and from where, but I feel when I’m doing it. I never learned anything about it, but I think I will do interesting things, maybe in another life.

I love nature, and I try to live my life the most naturally as possible, to lead a healthy life. I really would like to inspire other people. The biggest goal of my life is to be in harmony with life, and not to be afraid, just be happy. The harmony I have today can perhaps inspire others in the same situation. Today I am sick, but I refuse to take the traditional treatments, they are too heavy. I decided to treat myself without these drugs, without chemotherapy, I won’t do it. I believe in myself, and my results are quite positive, I know I can do it, and maybe this will inspire others.”