Sun and a bicycle

“I think I’m a happy person, cause I have my hands, my legs, my parents, and they made a lot for me, and still do a lot for me. Sometimes we have some arguments because, for example, I didn’t want to study in the management school, but I learned a lot; I gained experience, I met my friends, travelled with different programs to the USA,  and Poland. Yes, my parents have done a lot. I clearly understand that some other children of different parents didn’t have the same chances as me, that’s why I appreciate it every day, and I should to be grateful for all of that.

Today? I think I am doing what everybody else is doing, like all these people with grey faces – a typical Russian people, that’s why, I don’t know, I am trying to change now, mostly for myself, cause I don’t want to like be that. I’m dreaming about moving to California (laugh) but it’s unreal. Why? Hmm, first of all, because I’m a citizen of Russia, you know how difficult it is to move to other countries. And second thing, I don’t think about it, because I don’t want to be there without a visa, illegally. That’s not what I want for my life to be. I’m thinking about changing something here, doing creative things, instead of just same office plankton’s stuff. Trying to be not so grey, but it’s unreal with this kind of weather. I will do my best, I am definitely dreaming about going to work with a bicycle in a sunny country…”