Most important time in my life

“Almost every summer I used to spend the time in a village, next to St. Petersburg. That’s a common thing for Russian children here. If some of your older relatives, like grandparents, have a house elsewhere, all children are sent there every summer. So I used to go there. It’s important for me, because in a way I grew up just next to the nature, next to these huge and beautiful forests, and it made me feel that nature is always more important than any person. It can always give you the feeling of calm and greatness, which is hard to experience here, in the big city. So the more time passed, the more I realized this inner connection between me and nature, the urge to be close to it.

Speaking about the moment, which has been the most difficult for me so far, it was the death of my grandmother. She was the person who was always there for me, and at some point, at some age, I understood she was the person who I love the most in my family, apart from my sister. Because it’s different, because she never tried to judge me, and always believed I’m capable of everything. So even after she passed away, I can’t really feel it. I still have this very feeling that’s she is somewhere near me, and I keep dreaming about her at night; I’m holding her in my arms, and I feel that is the very last moment that we see each other. I always think that these dreams are precious to me. I understand I was so lucky to have her in my life.”