Iceland story

“It was a hard time in Iceland, everybody was poor, and there were no ships coming to Iceland. It was such difficult time. We had no war, but everybody was afraid that the Germans would come when they came to Norway, since it’s not really far from Iceland. That’s why the Americans and British had bases like air force and navy, but they’re all gone now. You know there is no army in our country, only police.

I think the war changed the structure of Icelandic society, we had different influences of the British and Americans people during their occupation here. When Russians were building castles, we were living on the ground; we were farmers and fisherman’s population. We were under the Danish crown, and then Danish were occupied by the Germans, and we by the Americans and British. We broke free from the Danish crown in 1944. We are a young independent country, on June 17th we celebrate our independence day.”