Childhood memories

“I think the thing I regret the most is that I have no memories of my parents together. What’s amazing is that I remember my father announcing the separation. I only have this one unbelievable memory, I don’t know if I didn’t invent it or not, if it is some kind of dream or not, this memory of my sisters crying. My parents get divorced very early, I was only 4 years old, but my father used to film us when they were still together. So I saw moments when I was 2 years old, that was quite funny. We used to look at those films with the family, and lough about each other, that permit us to live all together, kind of forever.

I am the youngest, my parents were a bit cooler with me and my sisters were jealous of me. I never really felt the divorce, I just experienced it after. But I am lucky; my parents kept a good relation, a good picture of us when we were little. We used to celebrate Christmas together, even when they both have a new person in their live. Firstly, they come really good along together. Secondly, they knew how much it meant to us and how important it was. OK, I must admit that it was sometimes hard, because I was only 4 years old. I asked myself many questions, like did my parents wanted me? And my parents showed me that they did, and still do.”