Success story

“Before we started my ice cream factory with my partner, I thought I could never do it. It was all about self-confidence. Also, I think I was depressed at that time, so I could not think creatively. Now, we have three businesses. If one is bad, this one is better. But at some point, all three went bad and we sold everything.

I told myself everyday that we had to make plans. We were 54, we had to try something new, because we could not keep doing things that were not working. Anyway, we were surviving and we were fine. So he said (my partner), ‘No, no, no, I know you can do it, you will be good at that, I’m 100% confident, you can do it.’ And then I started doing competitive analysis, and slowly, slowly, we got customers. In December 2014, we had turned the ice cream business into 1 million. From nothing to 1 million in one year, not profit but turn over. It’s really exciting. I believe in the future. In fact, I have to. That’s were I am going. We have to make it work.”

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