“I’m a 30 year old guy who hasn’t had the easiest life with regards to my health. I’ve been going in and out of the hospital since I was 22. What I have learned over the past few years is that you need to be able to stand up, and fight every time life knocks you down. And don’t get me wrong, you lose hope, but it’s in these moments that you realize that you have amazing friends and family.

At some point, I was in a hospital for the sixth or seventh time, I had lost all hope and my best friend came to visit. I told him I was done fighting, and that I didn’t want to have surgery again. My best friend turned around and said, ‘You’re such an idiot but that’s OK, I’m going to hold on to hope for you, until you’re ready.’ And then he took some candyfloss, he put them in a jar, and he said ‘This is your hope and I’m holding on to it until you’re ready.’ And then, a few weeks later I decided, ‘OK, listen, I need to fight again, there is so much to live for,’ and I took the candyfloss, and my best friend said, ‘Now, you have hope again!’ It was such a simple thing that he did, but it was absolutely phenomenal.”

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