“What makes me happy everyday is eating healthy, having no pesticides in my body, no chemicals. My hair, that’s why it’s soft. My skin is glowing because I don’t put chemicals in my body. I’m happy just living. I feed the birds, I have 3 cats, 2 of them were homeless, I took them in. And then, I feed a colony of 3 homeless cats. I am a certified guy for that in the city of New York, so now I get free food for my cats. I feed them everyday, 3 homeless cats, it costs a lot of money. A hundred dollars a month for three cats at least. Not for my 3 cats, just for the homeless cats. At least a hundred dollars.

I do that because I enjoy helping something that’s helpless. See, if everybody thought like me, it would be a nice world, there would be no wars. Everybody would help. Whoever is sleeping in the street would be taken to a house, given a shower. I heard that’s what the Pope in the Vatican is doing now. So all the homeless people in the Vatican, he gives them free showers, free haircuts. I love that. I heard that and I said, ‘Oh thank God for the Pope!’ I never like the Pope. But this one, I like him.”

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